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Mini-München 2020

"Mini-München" is a three-week long event, starting on July 27th 2020 organized by the city of Munich for children and teenagers between 7 and 15 years old. The participants start by registering at the city registration office, they then apply for their dream job at the employment office and earn credits by taking part in the city life, e.g., by taking classes, by voting for their city representatives, by gardening or constructing buildings. This year, Mini-München celebrates its 20th edition and 40th anniversary.

A few ECS in W2W will offer two workshop at this event. In the first workshop taking place on July 30th 2020 the participants will perform experiments to learn about pressure, temperature, clouds, thunderstorms, and much more. In the second workshop on 6th August 2020, the participants will learn about the challenges of numerical weather forecasting.