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  • Peer-reviewed articles and PhD theses published within the framework of W2W are listed below.
  • Peer-reviewed articles by W2W researchers published before W2W started (i.e. before July 1st, 2015) that are relevant to W2W are listed in "Previous publications" below.
  • Peer-reviewed articles by W2W researchers published during W2W that are relevant to W2W but that are not within the framework of W2W are listed in "Other publications" below.
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  • Baran, A., Lerch, S., El Ayari, M. and Baran, S.: Machine learning for total cloud cover prediction, Neural Computing and Applications, early online release. (Link to online article)
  • Barthlott, C. and Barrett, A. I.: Large impact of tiny model domain shifts for the Pentecost 2014 mesoscale convective system over Germany, Weather Clim. Dynam., 1, 207–224, doi: 10.5194/wcd-1-207-2020. (Link to online article)
  • Črnivec, N. and Mayer, B.: The incorporation of the Tripleclouds concept into the δ-Eddington two-stream radiation scheme: solver characterization and its application to shallow cumulus clouds, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20,
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    (Link to online article)
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  • Maranan, M., A. H. Fink, P. Knippertz, L. Amekudzi ,W. Atiah, and M. Stengel: A process-based validation of GPM IMERG and its sources using a mesoscale rain gauge network in the West African forest zone, J. Hydromet., 21, 729–749, doi: 10.1175/JHM-D-19-0257.1. (Link to online article)
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PhD theses - 2019

  • Baur, F.:  Soil moisture-precipitation coupling over Central Europe: relative impact of surface heterogeneity on deep convection. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. (Link to online document)
  • Di Muzio, E.: Predictability of Medicanes in the ECMWF ensemble forecast system. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. (Link to online document)
  • Fragkoulidis, G.: Rossby Wave Packets and their Role in Temperature Extremes. Johannes Gutenberg Universität. (Link to online document)
  • Rasp, S.: Statistical methods and machine learning in weather and climate modeling. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. (Link to online document)
  • Ruckstuhl, Y.: Joint state and parameter estimation to address model error in convective scale numerical weather prediction systems. (Link to online document)
  • Schlueter, A.: Tropical waves and rainfall over Africa: Variability, mechanisms and potential for forecasting, doi:10.5445/IR/1000094145. (Link to online document)
  • Vogel, P.: Assessing Predictive Performance: From Precipitation Forecasts over the Tropics to Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves and Back. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. (Link to online document)
  • Wellmann, C.: Using Statistical Emulation for Sensitivity Studies of Deep Convective Clouds. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. (Link to online document)


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PhD theses - 2017

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PhD theses - 2016

  • Lerch, S.: Probabilistic forecasting and comparative model assessment, with focus on extreme events. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. (Link to online document)