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Girls' Day 2020

logo_gd2020_scaled Girls' Day is a countrywide event to introduce schoolgirls to disciplines and careers in which women are usually underrepresented. More information on this event can be found here.

This year, Girls' Day has been cancelled. It would have taken place on Thursday March 26th 2020.

The meteorological institute at the LMU in Munich would have hosted a workshop on "Wind, Wetter und Klimawandel" (in English: "wind, weather and climate change"). The program of the workshop is available here. With their colleagues Mirjam Hirt and Sheena Löffel would have guided the participants through the institute and its diverse activities. We're looking forward to welcoming the participants again next year!

At the JGU in Mainz, Franziska Teubler and her colleagues would have offered a workshop for school girls. The details of the workshop are available here.

At KIT in Karlsruhe, Lea Eisenstein and her colleagues would have offered a workshop called "Wetter, Wolken, Wirbel, Klima".