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Mädchen machen Technik 2019

"Mädchen machen Technik" is a summer program organized by the Technical University of Munich every year. School girls between 10 and 16 years old are invited to universities and departments to discover how exciting and challenging research in natural science and engineering can be.

Master students, PhDs and Postdocs in W2W and at the meteorological institute at the LMU will offer a workshop called "Wind, Wetter und Klimawandel" from September 4th - 5th 2019. The participants, ten school girls between 12 and 14 years old, will learn about the complexity of atmosphere dynamics and they will perform experiments to learn about pressure, temperature, clouds, convection, and much more. They will then participate to lab experiments and visit the roof instruments. On the second day, the school girls will discover the challenges of numerical weather forecasting and climate negociations. They will hear about studying and doing research at the institute. Over the two days, the participants will have plenty of time to talk to the scientists at the institute.

Click here to see the program (in German).