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Mathematics of the weather (Oct. 2022)

The Mathematics of the Weather workshop took place in Bad Orb from 4 – 6 October 2022. Thirty five participants (27 in person, 8 online) from eight different countries took part in this forum to discuss new numerical approaches for use in numerical forecasting, climate modeling and research into numerical modeling of the atmosphere. This year’s special topics were data assimilation, machine learning and climate. Speakers included Dale Durran (Univ. Washington), Joe Klemp, Bill Skamarock and Chris Snyder (NCAR, USA), Yi Yuan (IAP Bejing, China), Takuya Kawabata (Japan Meteorological Agency, Tsukuba), Rupert Klein (Freie Univ. Berlin), and Jurgen Steppeler (GERICS, Hamburg).

The workshop was organized by Jurgen Steppeler with the support of W2W, and jointly with the HIWeather programme of the WMO.

The presentations were diverse and excellent, including these given by the Early Career Scientists. Discussions were fruitful and the atmosphere was very friendly, partly thanks to the evening program.

Final program of the workshop

List of abstracts

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