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Joint SPARC DynVar - SNAP Meeting (Oct. 2023)

A joint SPARC DynVar - SNAP Meeting on "The Role of Atmospheric Dynamics for Climate and Extremes" will take place from 9-13 October 2023 at the LMU in Munich, Germany. It is organized by Thomas Birner and Hella Garny and co-funded by W2W.

The scientific program will include:

  • Links of atmospheric circulation to weather and climate on subseasonal to centennial timescales
  • The role of stratosphere-troposphere coupling in predictability of tropospheric climate and surface weather extremes
  • The influence of climate model biases on uncertainty in predictions and projections
  • Emerging dynamical constraints to understand and reduce projection uncertainties
  • Mechanistic understanding of dynamic coupling, teleconnections, and trends
To register, follow the steps below. Registration deadline is extended to 31 August 2023.
Please note that the conference dinner is not included in the conference fee.
  • For free online participation, please send an email to Barbara Baumann (barbara.baumann@lmu.de) with the following subject: "Registration for online participation, DynVar/SNAP workshop" before 22 September 2023. We will send relevant information for online participation 1-2 weeks before the workshop.
  • For accomodation in Munich, we do not have particular recommendations or block reservations. There are plenty of hotels near the conference venue. If you would like some guidance, here is a list of hotels that are commonly booked by university visitors.