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Z1 - Central management project

Project leader: Prof. Dr. George C. Craig

Scientific Manager: Dr. Audine Laurian, Administrative Secretary: Susanne Eri

The bulk of the scientific coordination is provided by the scientific manager.

The scientific coordination consists of (but not only):

  • the creation and implementation of the management plan for W2W, in cooperation with the Speaker, the Steering Group and the Members of W2W
  • the financial and scientific reporting within the W2W and with the DFG
  • the setup and maintenance of the W2W website
  • the planning and execution of W2W meetings
  • the coordination and support of Gender Equality activities
  • the coordination and support of Early Career Scientist activities

Together with the administrative secretary, the scientific manager constitutes the W2W management team.

The administrative secretary assists the scientific manager in coordinating with the university administrations regarding the disposition of global funds.